Company Offerings

We help you have your pick of the best

We specialize in (1) recruitment process set-up, (2) market research, (3) specialized search.

Company Offerings

  1. Recruitment Process Creation
  2. Let us help you:
  3. 1. Select the right tools for organizing your recruitment process
  4. 2. Construct an interview process that will yield the right hire
  5. 3. Develop your selling pitch
  • Market Research
  • We are here to answer your questions on the local and national market.
  • Does the person you are looking for exist in your market? Is my compensation package attractive? What is market rate?
  • Search
  • Fast, custom search for your hard-to-fill role.

Take a proactive approach to find the talent you need

  • Recruitment strategy
  • Technical and non-technical interview process development
  • Sourcing strategies + building a candidate database
  • University recruitment
  • Technology and tools selection
  • Market Research
  • Company branding
  • Employee referral program

Research Park

If you are a UIUC Research Park company, please click here to schedule your first call.

As a Research Park company we are here to assist you with sourcing, identifying, and successfully hiring local talent.

Consulting services can include the following:

Technical recruiting advice and strategy suggestions

Receiving templates for recruitment strategizing

Interview planning

Employment brand development

Venture Capital

  • A shared talent network (proactively sourced) and a managed database 
  • Tracking of open positions across portfolio companies
  • Shared resources for portfolio companies
  • Recruiting and HR templates (job descriptions, benefits, referrals)
  • Recruiting and HR Technology recommendations with negotiated portfolio company discounts
  • Instructions for sourcing and finding talent
  • Compensation guidelines
  • Immigration + visa resources 
  • How to build a recruiting process
  • Interviewing 101
  • Selling your company and crafting a competitive advantage
  • Offer negotiations

Workshops + Speaking

Get your team on the same page to hire the talent you need

  • Lunch and learn
  • Group presentation
  • Hands-on workshop


  1. Compete with more than compensation
  2. Measuring recruiter capacity
  3. Bad interviewer or bad employee?
  4. Employee incentives (HBR)